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White Tree Anorien: Raefindan

Mellonin had made a brave attempt at acting the lordly man, but needed practice. Raefindan decided that he would have to work with her on that.... somehow, which was amusing, since he was no lord himself; but he had read books .... what books? He couldn't remember, but certain rather important points came to mind right now that he could use to deflect attention from Mellonin. Hmmm.... deflect? What does "to flect" mean? he allowed himself to wonder for the briefest moment.

"Mister Merchant man, sir-" The merchant's face screwed up as he turned to him, watching Raefindan as if he was a lunatic (lunatic - he meant 'crazy', but how did that work? an insane tick?). "-or whatever you name yourself. I have a question for you. If you were to take Aeron back with you, would you have him bound over to trial? And if so, would it be trial by ordeal? Would you have the nearest lord order that his hand be submer- I mean dunked - in boiling water, to see if it would boil?" Raefindan glanced at Aeron, whose eyes were getting larger and more fearstricken with each question Raefindan put to the man. Or would you have him tried based on evidence?"

"Evidens?" replied the merchant. "What is this evidens? Thick evening? You make no sense, man. What mean you?"

"Proof. Would you prove before a judge that this lad is your thief? I would hear your answer." Raefindan was stalling for time, hoping that Ravion or Mellonin could think of something to do, whether it be bludgeoning these blokes from behind, or putting a sleep draft in their drinks, or just running away. He feared that he was only making things worse, however. He eyed them both but they stared at him mutely, as if they were just as confounded by his talk as the merchant.
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