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Anorien: Ravion

Ravion kept his face impassive, but glanced from Aeron to Gwyllion to Mellonin in confusion. "Lord Fingon"? Was that spontaneous, or had it been planned? Either way, it presented him with both an opportunity and a challenge. Could he really play it off that Mellonin was a noble...and a lord rather than a lady at that? He gathered his wits about him and plunged in to the game.

"Would you prove before a judge that this lad is your thief?"

Inspiration hit Ravion like one of Raefindan's better-aimed arrows. "My lord!" he exclaimed. Mellonin turned to him, surprised. "My lord, with the authority granted to you by his Majesty the King Elessar, you could pass judgment on our...predicament."

He turned to the merchant. "Surely you would accept the judgment of a Lord of Gondor, would you not?"

The way the Ranger phrased it, the merchant could hardly disagree. "Of course."

Almost gleeful in his pride, Ravion turned back to Mellonin. "My lord, who has the greater claim to Aeron's services? Myself, or the merchant?"

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