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Edwin really did seem to be returning to health. Karl touched the boy's forehead with his cold hand to feel how warm he was. Edwin's eyes shot open. "Wha? Who?" He sat up, looking terrified. "Who are you?" The boy had no idea where he was, but he had no desire to move any further.

Karl looked almost as terrified as Edwin. "It's okay, it's okay... I'm Karl, I'm around the town sometimes..." He didn't expect the boy to know who he was, of course he didn't... "I found you out on the Downs; you were out cold. We're in a man name Willem's caravan, he's helped you get better."

Edwin did recognize this man, but he did not particularly trust him, and he had no idea who Willem was. "Where are the others? Did you do something to them? Did the Wights get them?" He felt as if he was on the edge of hysteria, breathing fast, shallow breaths.

"Calm down. I don't know about all of the others, but Jessamy is outside, with her brothers from town. We'll be heading back soon I promise. Now just stay lying down, we don't want you passing out again." Karl was feeling a little frustrated and he didn't want to have to literally carry this boy back to his parents.

"Get away from me," Edwin said, but he did not shout. He pushed his way around Karl who was afraid to grab him and be too rough with him, and burst out of the caravan...missing the steps and falling hard on his knees and hands.
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