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I don't like the speculation about the seer revealing and us and the ranger protecting him/her nonstop. As several people have said, the plan is not faultless. Secondly, if we did, it would feel unfair for the wolves to me. Sort of like cheating. (Yes, and it's me Lommy-the-ever-ordo-and-always-on-the village's-side who's saying this.) From my point of view, it would be simpler, safer and fairer not to do that (from the beginning that is - once the seer comes out it would be stupid not to do it).

Anyhow, I don't know if I should be worried because this talk has been going on for so long. Everybody seems to agree we won't do it now, so why keep talking about it? I admit I haven't done anything else yet either, but the village's single-mindedness is a bit troubling. And I would also warn of making the hasty and probably biased conclusion that Mnemo who made the original suggestion (which is risky and dominating the discussion and all that jazz) is a wolf. I think what she said would've been an ideal piece of cobblery, but more ordoish than wolvish.

I should be going more or less now, and I'm afraid I won't have much of a chance to contribute today. I still have work, agreed to see someone nice and would like to go to sleep early. But I'll be back at least for a while. I'll leave the responsibility of moving on to other discussions to you others, and leave with a special note - I hate random votes (surprise ) and although she often uses them, Kitanna started looking mighty suspicious in my eyes as soon as she promised to make one. What a perfect way for a wolf to slip from the spot. I wonder if you're planning to give the guard vote at random too? Would make just about as much sense... (sorry Kit, nothing personal but I never ever got the point of random voting, as you probably have noticed in all our games together...)

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