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Once she had the line strung up and the children's clothes hanging, Rowenna considered her responsibilities in terms of the children complete. She waded through the rising waters toward trenches. She saw that the waters were rising, in part, because the pile of smelly muck being dug out and evenly spaced at Eodwine's direction, was now keeping all water except for the continuing downpour from entering the dung pit; and thus, the water rose like a sea around it. It would not be long before the floor of the Hall was awash in muddy water.

She climbed over the filthy dike, hiking her skirts high enough to keep them from getting stuck in the mire. She was mindful of a few of the men's eyes flitting toward her uncovered legs, but she did not care. There were more important things to think about.

She stalked toward Eodwine, got close enough to his ear, and said, "That Sorn was a fool, building his house and outbuildings down here. When this has passed, we should rebuild this settlement on the Scar itself!"

Others nearby pricked their ears to hear, and Rowenna realized that this would be considered very forward of her, and that she was maybe out of her depth, and even insubordinate. She did not care. Eodwine needed to hear this, and if this was not the best time, little damage.

Eodwine stopped a moment from digging. He looked at Rowenna, the fierce expression on her face, then turned and looked through the downpour at the Scar. It was full of stone and it was the highest land for miles. Why had Sorn now built there? Maybe because he was indeed a fool. Why, thought Eodwine to himself, had he not thought of it himself before today? Maybe because was himself a fool, or maybe because he had not foreseen how bad this flooding would be. Either way, it was a good idea, even if it would require a great effort.

He faced her. "It is a good thought, but it will have to wait for further thought until the needs of the moment are dealt with. Go to the Smiths and get whatever new shovels they have ready."

She nodded, satisfied that he was not ignoring the good sense of her words.

"And make sure to keep one of the shovels for yourself!" came Eodwine's words as she walked away. She smiled as she sloshed through the mess.
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