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Scyld was not working near enough to the Eorl to hear what Rowenna said to him, but word spread quickly enough down the trench. The man on Scyld's left repeated the gist of the conversation for them; it seemed to Scyld that the man had more he wished to say concerning Rowenna's behavior but refrained, perhaps because Thornden stood so near.

"Well, Sorn was surely a fool," said Scyld, "but I've lived here nearly my whole life, and my father and grandfather before me, and I've never heard of such flooding. I don't see how Sorn, or Lord Eodwine for that matter, could have planned for this."



When the digging began, Leof had hurried back to the stables, hoping that Harreld and Garreth would have missed the one of the two shovels there, but the smiths had been thorough. With a sigh, Leof had grabbed an empty feed pail for a scoop and returned to join those already shoveling. He had not yet decided whether he would ever get it clean enough to put feed in again. Of course, he'd seen some returning with pots from the kitchen, and that thought made his stomach turn even more than the dung stench in the air.

Slowly, they seemed to be making progress, and he was heartened to look up and see Rowenna coming his way with a few of the new shovels. "Look," he said to Elfthain and Javan, who were nearby. "I think it's our turn to get some shovels."
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