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Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Folwren is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

"No," Thornden spoke up after Scyrr had finished, but not pausing in his work. "Though it may not have happened before, it is something we could have planned for." He looked up briefly and glanced around. "If we had thought about the future at all, we might have known better than to rebuild the hall here, in the low land. We should have taken our opportunity and built on the scar, but none of us even considered it. It is something we will think about when this is over."

He did not blame Eodwine at all for rebuilding the hall on top of the ruins of Sorn's house. Many other men, himself included, had been there to help and advise their eorl, and no one had considered Rowenna's thought. Not even Rowenna herself, who had been there when they made the move from Edoras to Scarburg, had thought to move the location of the hall.


Javan accepted a shovel gratefully. He had searched everywhere he could think of for some implement to use for dinner and had come up with nothing. He made an unsuccessful attempt at creating a makeshift shovel by splitting a log and trying to use the flat side of it. Having found it of almost no use at all, he grit his teeth and followed orders and used his hands. Crouching by the trench, he dug out loose sediment that the others had loosened with their pails and pots and sticks. Much of it was rough, pebbly soil, and he reflected that this task would have been nearly impossible in dry weather.

Now, with a shovel, he felt he proceeded in work much faster. In fact, as he paused for just a moment to look up and down the trench, he realized that now, with seven or eight new shovels in use, the work was progressing at almost twice the speed. His heart rose a little and he began to think of going in and cleaning off and eating something hot.

But then word trickled down the line that work would probably continue until past sundown. Javan felt his heart sink as he looked up. Who could tell when the sun sank? he wondered. There was no sight of her. They were already working in deep gloom. He guessed they meant the work would probably continue until they couldn't see the shovels in their hands anymore.

He bent drearily back to his labor. After several more shovelfuls, he straightened and turned to find Leof. "How far do you think we have to dig?"
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