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Well, it would be a most tragic thing to have done, walking out into the open plains, in the cold rain, with not enough clothing, but it would be a fool thing to do, and Scyld was not about to come rescue her. Rowenna was still standing on the last escarpment of the scar, watching the tragedy play out in her mind's eye. Well, it was not to be. She huffed a sigh, turned around, and went back the way she had come.

She saw Saeryn walking from the smithy back to the hall. Could it be that she had taken Garreth's dinner to him? It would not be surprising. She followed the lady back toward the hall, watched her go in, and maybe half a minute later passed inside herself.

Saeryn was seeing to the needs of various of the folk as she made her way toward the front where Eodwine sat waiting and watching his wife. Scyld had not moved. Something inside hardened at the man's inaction. She bristled.

Rowenna closed the distance between them half way, and stopped.

"Lady Saeryn!"

She turned and faced her; her smile faded and her face became tense. Rowenna raised her chin and looked down her nose at the woman who ruled with her husband.

"Lady," she said archly, "your serving wench asks your forgiveness for her rash words and deeds. What does the lady require of her serving wench?"
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