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Rowenna could not sleep. She tossed and turned on her straw mattress. She was surprised that all her movements didn't waken any of the others. She turned over one last time and closed her eyes, trying to focus on the swirling specks; it usually lulled her to sleep. They were all going straight down, just like the insufferable rains.

It was not use. She sat up. She heard water moving. Of course, she heard water running. The rain was beating on the roof. But this was a different sound, like a stream. Maybe there was a stream of water forming outside where it dripped off the roof more than elsewhere.

She got up and walked across the damp thresh that covered the floor. She lit a candle then opened the door to the hall. The sound of flowing water was louder now. She stepped into the hall. Her foot came down in cold water, an inch deep. Had someone spilled something? Was there a leak in the kitchen?

She went into the kitchen, but the water became more shallow that way. She turned around and went to the outside door. The water deepened. She got to the door. A stream of water was coming in through the door. It occurred to her in half a thought that it might not be a good idea to open the door, but her hand went to it anyway and opened it. A stream of water washed over her feet, more than ankle high, into the hall. She was about to call out the alarm, but thought first to look outside.

The whole Scarburg's lands were gone. In their place was a lake, and it was rising.

She grabbed for the door and had to fight with all her might to close it against the flood. She turned and ran to the men's quarters first.

She knocked and knocked, crying, "Wake! Wake! We are flooded! Wake!"
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