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In his dreams, Léof was still drenched with rain water. He roused slowly from a deep sleep, at first unsure of why he had woken. Then he realized: the wetness was not a dream. His hand had slipped off of his pallet and the end of his sleeve was soaked through.

But why is the floor wet? he wondered muzzily.

The stables were flooded! The realization brought him to full wakefulness. He leapt up and stuffed his now-wet feet into his boots. He dashed out into the main aisle of stable to find the floor covered by at least an inch of water. He splashed out to the courtyard and up to the Hall only to find that it too was flooding and its folk were already rousing.

He did not see Eodwine yet, but Thornden was standing near the fireplace. Léof approached him and said, "The stables are flooding too. Worse, maybe, than in here."
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