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I dont remember if this was dicussed years ago in other threads, but although Eriol/Aelfwine should be the besst way of trasmission, it must be through the Thains Book.
So, in my opinion Aelfwine should be removed and the "Findegils Copy of the Thains Book" with all its contents, should be trasmissed to our days (read Tolkien) through other ways (archeological?).
And in my opinion the trasmision from the elder days should be Rumil, etc--->Pengolod----->Numenor--->Arnor, Gondor----->Hobbits (in all their generations)----> Findegil----->our days.
So, Quenta Silmarillion, Ainulindale, Valaquenta, etc,etc should have a trasmision Rumil,etc----->Pengolod-----> Numenor.
What do you think?
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