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aaaah I see thank you gondowe

It is interesting. Our Silmarillion is a combination of Bilbo's Translations from the Elvish and Aelfwine/Eriol's Book of Lost Tales, since we pull from both sources. I think another (interesting and unrelated) project might be to edit all the documents in their separate entirety in order to have them conform to the standard of canon we set out in these TftE. Thus we create a Quenta Silmarillion using only the LQ, QS, and Q documents, simply updating where needed, and an Annals of Aman, Grey Annals, Lhammas, Ambarkanta, Book of Lost Tales, Athrabeth, and all the others as unique and individual documents of lore, all edited separately in order to conform to this canon. A vast (and possibly impossible) undertaking, but one that would no doubt be extremely interesting.

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