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Silmaril Impartial? Hahaha!

I second (or third?) that motion for Soregum to catch up and judge. After all, he's had a thing for Pimpi ever since... well, I forget how he saw her from Moredough, but he saw her somehow and has had a thing for her ever since. I don't forget these kind of things. Mwah ha ha ha ha.

If only the rules could be bent a little so that Merisu and Pimpi could sing a duet... Merisu has the better voice, but Pimpi has the partiality of the impartial judge. (And since when has the Itship ever followed the rules laid down by their various captors and hosts, anyway?)

Great post, by the way, Lushy. Remind me to ask you to write my characters for me if I become unavoidably detained before the end.
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