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I object -- never once have I implied that Vogonwë has a bad singing voice. Actually, I'm quite impressed by those dance moves, so all is well. Though I have no idea which Village Person he was supposed to be. (Hey, I'm a child of the 90's. Baby of the 80's, child of the 90's, woman of the 00's. Stop laughing.)

Smashing good performance by O2, though I have to say that the whole Eminem thing just about smashes the Travest-O-Metre ™ in the most brutal and resonding way yet. Are the cropped locks going to be permanent? If so, there goes Oggie's chance to join up with The Darkness and revive the big hair style.

Anyway, the point of this post is to say that I'd like to get a short post in between Merisu and Lenina's performances. My thought was that Pimpi was supposed to go after Merisu, but has a bout of extreme stage fright (as well as serious doubts about the song she's supposed to perform) and ends up losing her turn, only to come back in resounding triumph after Lenina thinks all has been won. So anyway, letting me get a Save in edgewise should suffice before Lush can go ahead.
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