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ž 40b: Can you be more specific Antoine?
It s correspond to

{End of the AinulindalŰ spoken by R˙mil to Ălfwine}
Use previously
that is use in :

/*End of the AinulindalŰ {spoken} [written] by R˙mil {to Ălfwine} [.]*\

Here are the words of Pengolo­ {to Ălfwine}
{And when he had ended the AinulindalŰ, such as R˙mil had made it, Pengolo­ the Sage paused a while; and Ălfwine said to him:} Little{, you say, would} [was tell by] the Valar {tell} to the Eldar of the days before their coming[.] {: but do not the wise among you know more of those ancient wars than R˙mil has here set forth? Or will you not tell me} [But it can be write] more of the Valar as they were when first {your} [the] kindred [of the Noldor] beheld and knew them{?}[.]
{And Pengolo­ answered: Much of what I know or have learned from the elders in lore, I have written; and what I have written thou shalt read, if thou wilt, when thou hast learned better the tongue of the Noldor and their scripts. For these matters are too great and manifold to be spoken or to be taught in speech within the brief patience and heedfulness of those of mortal race. But some little more I may tell to thee now, since thou askest it of me.} This tale {I have heard also among} /*have learned from*\ the lore masters [of the Noldor] in ages past. {For they tell us that the}[
The] war began before Arda was full-shaped ů
Editorial introduction of Pengolo­ section
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