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Sorry I couldn't have gotten that to you sooner Sixth, but I've posted! Aaaall posty-like. Woo!

Hopefully my smarm isn't ruinning the feel of the game for anyone, I just can't get enough of that good down home smarmish..nicity? (Valesseka=easy comedic relief, by the by).

On a side note I love how most everyone reports their posts here the instant they've posted on the rp.. or right before no problem and I just had one of those made-for-t.v. moments waking up the next morning (this morning) with a cold sweat (okay, maybe not that severe) thinking "How will they every know?!"
"Loo, what sholde a man in thyse dayes now wryte, 'egges' or 'eyren'?" - Caxton, Eneydos
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