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Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.Kuruharan is battling Black Riders on Weathertop.

I really should stop thinking I'm going to be able to do things on weekends.

Originally Posted by Boromir88 View Post
I've been out of commission this past week with a potentially dangerous eye problem that may require surgery (silver lining is if I need it, it will be end of October so perfect for going as a pirate if necessary for Halloween). I'll find out after Oct. 9 if the eye-drops aren't working and if surgery will be required. Anyway, I'll get my group predictions, round 1 team, and final pre-tournament TTN predictions up within the week (hopefully)
Oh dear! I hope everything goes well.

Week 1 Team

GK - *Ungoliant (ANG)
DF - Salmar (TS)
DF - Maglor (FCV)
DF - Irmo (RV)
DF - KuruWight (TIG) (I have confidence in me!)
MF - Durin (DU)
MF - Tuor (ACB)
MF - *PhantomWolf C (TIG)
FW - Nerdanel (RV)
FW - *Maedhros (IB)
FW - *Earendil (TS)

Also I noticed an error in my $100M team because for some reason in my sadly disordered brain PhantomWolf was a forward, so this is the corrected one...

Kuru's Klub

GK - *Ungoliant (ANG) 16
DF - Findis (FCV) 3
DF - Imlach (IB) 4
DF - KuruWight (TIG) 3
DF - Carcharoth (DOR) 10
MF - Durin (DU) 6
MF - Tuor (ACB) 10
MF - *PhantomWolf (TIG) 12
FW - Araphor (Arnor) 7
FW - *Maedhros (IB) 14
FW - *Earendil (TS) 15

Do I think Araphor is any good? No. I just had 7 Mill to spare and that was the only forward for 7 Million.

Also, change to my forward and midfielder predictions...


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