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Originally Posted by Folwren View Post
Haha! I haven't had that much difficulty when trying to write in English, though I must say sometimes my Spanish gets in the way of learning French and I keep recalling Spanish words instead of French ones.

We're patient....for now.
It's happening...

For me, I tend to insert Hebrew words into French and vice versa, because these are my two languages which are most lacking in vocabulary. I generally have no problem in communicating in any language (I have an issue with translating, though), or in a mix of languages (sometimes within the same sentence). My problem that night was that I had an amazing song stuck in my head, but in my mind the lyrics kept switching from French to Russian, and it did not rhyme, made no sense, and was just annoying the hell out of me until my mind started spewing bits of lyrics in both languages instead of legible English.

But most of the time the opposite effect happens - one of those musical songs gets stuck in my head in one specific language. It's musically the same song, but somehow my mind interprets it as two different songs capable of being stuck in your head. I didn't realize until this fall that trying to keep up multiple languages can have such unpredictable and annoying consequences!

But anyways, I did write what I meant to. It's progressing. No clue how long it'll end up being, though, or when it will be finished.
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