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CEL I had been thinking that perhaps Mem had something of a reputation in the settlement for her storytelling and songs, and that Ulfast would simply have heard of that and suggest she come to entertain. It's been a little hard for me to get a handle on the size of this "town". I know there was some discussion way back at the beginning, and I think it was like more than a village but not a big bustling metropolis (like Minas Tirith). I'm picturing something like a market town, with lots of outlying farms and fields and woods. So maybe Anguriel or Pio could be more specific. But still, I think it would be reasonable just for Ulfast to hear about Mem's "talents" and this might just be one more way for Ulfast to try to gain Dag's committed loyalty, or force it.

NOGROD I have been posting with the assumption that most of the Ulfings know something of the unhappy relations of the three brothers, especially Uldor and Ulfast, as Ulfast was somewhat in charge until Uldor returned. But I would think generally speaking they would not know much about actual plots or schemes, just the general dislike and distrust among the three. It seems to me in that situation, all the Ulfings would be on their guard and nervous because they could get caught up in that unwillingly but with no way to stay "neutral". Again, I guess that would depend somewhat on the size of the community, as to who knows what about whom. Those are just my thoughts.
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