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Elin was startled and baffled by the strange elf’s intrusion. Is this one what?...always like what? she wondered. Does she mean Al? Always awkward and self-important? Quite possibly she guessed. But whether it was she had no desire to mediate between elf and hobbit – both seemingly self-regarding but one over-stuffy and the other over-familiar. She might not quite understand the situation but she could take the opportunity it offered to escape. Pity in a way since Al had settled a little but maybe this elf would expand his horizons anyway. She smiled to herself momentarily.

She met the elf’s eyes calmly and responded in her soft voice. “Always like this? I could not say after so short an acquaintanceship – and I must leave you to decide for yourself. I need to check on my daughter” . Picking up her knitting, Elin rose, made a slight curtsey to Al “I’ll tell you about the Blackroot another time, when you are less…distracted maybe” and slipped away.

She caught what she thought was a sympathetic glance from a hobbit sitting with a man at a nearby table, half grinned half grimaced in response and retreated to the little room where Annie was still deep in snuffly sleep. Elin sank back onto her bed, glad that she no longer had to walk the verbal tight-rope that was conversation with Al but regretting that she had returned from the common room empty handed. Another cup of that nice tea would be most welcome. But she had been too eager to leave to catch Rowan or Penny's eye and to reach the kitchen she must run the gauntlet of the whole common room. She sighed and rubbed her cold feet. Never mind.
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