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“Always like this?" the woman said. "I could not say after so short an acquaintanceship – and I must leave you to decide for yourself. I need to check on my daughter”

Goldie nodded in acknowledgement. One doesn't keep a mother from her child.

The other turned to the halfling. “I’ll tell you about the Blackroot another time, when you are less…distracted maybe”

The Blackroot? Goldie listened again to the patterns in the woman's voice. Yes, she might well come from far away. She might well know something first hand about the Blackroot. Still, Goldie wasn't in the Shire to research old songs and ancient tales. She could have stayed in Lindon for that. She suspected that this woman, while she might know the river as a river, wouldn't have much to say about ambiguous old prophecies. If she had much sense, she might be no more enthused about the root of the Blackroot than the locals would be about the Old Forest.

So Goldie nodded to the woman, let her pass, and considered the halfling. She had met elves who didn't like dwarves, tame men that didn't like wild men, Fallohide that didn't like Stoor and womenfolk who didn't much like their own menfolk. Nobody liked orks. Always a reason. Sometimes a good reason. Less often did talking about it do a whit of good.

Still, sometimes lancing a boil was good healing, and those with true hate often enjoyed hearing themselves talk.

"Is 'distracted' the correct word?'"
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