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Although in reality Al only had to wait a few seconds before Rowan came by to take his order, it felt like an hour, so eager was he to sink his teeth into the delicious food. She brought a mug of beer, but no plates. Al was disappointed. However, his spirits lifted at the waitress' words.

"Now just settle yourself comfortably in your chair and I’ll fetch you your seconds. Beans, ham, biscuits, honey…..the whole spread, yes?" Al nodded solemnly. The food wasquite important, yes - but did Rowan have to talk to him like a child? "Settle yourself comfortably" indeed! As if I wasn't here for the past hour and have just came in!

"By the way, who was that Elven lady that just left?" Rowan continued in a whisper, "Was she looking for someone or something here at the Inn and didn’t find it? Seems like she took her leave awful quick like."

Al didn't have to think about his reply. He opened his mouth to answer, when Penny came over, apologizing and asking what she's missed.

"Miz Rowan asked me about Goldie, the woman of the Fair Folk, who just left. And I was about to answer. I wanted to say that her name is Goldie, and that she doesn't have any manners nor a civil tongue. Of course, I ain't got no business knowing why she's here; I wouldn't know her name if she just didn't talk to Mistress Elin over my head. No introduction, no hello from her at all! She left for good is what I say." Al felt his stomach rumbling and his impatience growing, even though he finished a good plate of beans just some half an hour ago.

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