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‘Store of herbs and such in the kitchen? Oh, dear, Mistress Elin!’ Penny furrowed her brow a bit and shook her head. ‘Now, I’m not saying we don’t have any of what you asked for, it’s just that Cousin Iris and I just started working here at the Inn - today.’ She shrugged her shoulders. ‘Guess the old Cook up and disappeared on them and they’ve been having to make do – Rowan and Prim, that is, all by themselves.’

‘Hmmmm, how about I go back to the kitchen and ask Prim if we have those? I could bring them to you.’ Penny glanced back toward Elin’s room. ‘Course, if you think the wee one’ll sleep a bit more, you can come on back to the kitchen and make up your concoction there. We haven’t started making supper as yet, so it’d be no trouble.’
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