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Ravion and Aeron

"I am not entirely sure that I like this place," Ravion said darkly, shouldering his pack. Aeron glanced at him in disgust.

"Well, I am entirely sure that we have no choice but to go on," Aeron snapped. They had not been walking long, but it seemed long enough. "Raefindan is counting on us, right? So we cannot turn back."

"Did I suggest that we turn back?" Ravion exclaimed irritably, throwing his arms into the air in exasperation. Aeron shrugged, but did not reply. Ravion sighed. "I am sorry, Aeron. I just hope that we find Raefindan and Gond soon."

"Do you think his fever has broken?" Aeron asked. Ravion sighed and shook his head. "You do not think his fever has broken?" Aeron persisted, for clarification.

"I do not know," Ravion said. "He was showing no signs of coming out of his sleep. It has not been that long."

"It has been long enough for something to have happened," Aeron said. Ravion glanced at him, and the boy quickly added on to his statement: "Anything, something good included."

Ravion passed his hands over his face and through his hair, which was growing longer than he liked it. His fingers snagged in knots and tangles. Everything seemed to be falling apart: this mission, his friends, himself, physically and emotionally. With these thoughts in mind, he was not paying much attention when his foot caught on a small indentation in the ground.

He caught himself quickly, but examined the mark. "This is Gond's!" he exclaimed. He gestured for Aeron to follow him, and took off at a jog. He wanted to make sure he did not miss any of Gond's prints.

He had not gone far when he heard a low whinny. He rounded a corner and saw his horse. "Gond!" he called, and the horse looked up sharply. He gave a loud neigh, and cantered up to his master. Ravion stroked his neck and spoke into his ear. "Raefindan, Gond. Where is Raefindan?"

Gond looked at him with soulful eyes, as though to say, "We can just go. That would be fine," but turned and trotted back to a small house. Ravion turned to Aeron, putting his hand on his sword hilt meaningfully. Aeron nodded.

Slowly, Ravion approached the house. His knuckles were white as he gripped his sword. Whatever had Raefindan, if it meant any of them ill, it would meet with his sword. He looked to Aeron and mouthed a count to three, then burst into the house.

"Raefindan!" he cried as he burst through the door.

He stared at the scene ahead of him. He had not known what to expect. But he had not expected this.
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