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Liornung gazed in complete awe as Nethwador gently instructed Bellyn. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing, and it was plain to see the joy the boy felt in teaching the Lady Bellyn. He had never ventured to move so close to her before, and know he knelt right beside her. She seemed tense at his nearness but was slowly becoming absorbed in her lesson.

It was a beautiful picture the two made... both were like little birds, more than a little afraid of each other. If either one made a sudden move the other would flit away in panic. But both were acting very quiet and gentle and soft, so as not to frighten the other. Liornung found he could not think of anything to say to encourage the two in their lesson, so he merely fell back quietly to sit beside Argeleafa, who had moved closer to Ędegard to ask him what he had thought of the song.

He would sit and wait. He would not intervene on the lesson but would see how it played out. He did not wish to disturb the two little birds. It was too fair a sight.
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