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Obviously the hostile elf was at a loss for words. What was it the elf had said? Some vile insinuation about them being friends with Raefindan. "Well," said Aeron, plopping himself upon the floor and curling his feet under him, "I do believe it is a bit unfair of you to say that we are poor friends. Do you know the circumstances of the situation? I think not. Maybe it was a complete accident and that the horse -- blast his stupid brains -- just trotted --"

Ravion nudged him and mutted, "Galloped.."

"Eh, that's right -- galloped away." Aeron stopped and glanced at Raefindan. He was inclined to believe that the elf had been helping him just because he was simply an elf. Would an elf let a man die? Aeron rolled his eyes up and would be against the elf's nature, wouldn't it? Of course it would...

"I say --" he stopped and blushed. Yet another of Raefindan's odd, but pleasant sayings..."I say --" it felt good to say it and deserved to be said more than once -- "why don't we just sit down like a couple of gallant lords, and talk this over calmly. Normally I am not one to cry nay to a fight, but fights are so time consuming and you being an elf and all it just wouldn't be right."
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