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It will take longer to heal this land than its taken to bring Dorran to this point....

Rg had listened with interest to the boys, Kwells, angry outburst and then to Dorrans story. Was it easier, he wondered, for Dorran to heal because hed been transplanted to another land? Would he be the same fine man he is now had he not been able to uproot himself; if his roots had to continue to suck sustenance from this parched place?

Rg stooped down and picked up a handful of soil, sniffing at it lightly. It had a soured, a vaguely burnt odor to it, and he wondered if the lands soil, this particular part of it anyway, would be able to revive. His eyes flicked about the group of men and women, trying to imagine what reserves each had; the sort they must dig deep into to nurture this new sort of life they hoped for. His tongue flicked out to taste the small wad of dirt. And was surprised that beneath its burnt taste it was not acidic. There was an underlying richness to it that had not yet been leached out. Were there water to be found in this arid land, its magic might tease out, unlock, those little graces of the soil that nurture plants. Engaged in such ponderings, he nearly missed the invitation to the Fellowship to come in and take a place about the fire.

Here, he said, coming up to Lindirs horse. Let me take her while you treat with these people. Rgs hands reached up for Azhar, guiding her down to her feet. Were both tired, and while I cant speak for her, I know my strengths do not lie in wrangling words and ideas in such a large group. Id rather leave that to Aiwendil and to you. Im happy to follow along with what is decided.


Come, Azhar. Lets just sit here. A little ways away from the fires heat. Ive my cloak to keep me warm and you have yours....that, and your fever. Well listen to them talk and plan. He grinned, raising his brow toward the intermingled group. That should be enough to lull you to a deep and restful sleep; dont you think?

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