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It was not long before the noon time meal was ended. Eodwine made request to Saeryn to see to finding help for Frodides and Kara, as they'd be busy into evening cleaning and no chance to start the evening meal if given no help. Meanwhile, he had Garstan and Thornden help him get help from those who had had a free meal in turning the Hall back into a court. Before long, all was as it should be, and Saeryn was sitting beside him, waiting for the courty to re-begin.

Degas had tried to sit near enough to Eodwine to give him a piece of his mind as regarded Saeryn, but Eodwine had asked him to wait until court-day was ended, for there was no knowing how long such a talking between the two of them would take.

Now that the affairs of his own Hall and the hearing of Manawyth had been dealt with, court proceeded in the traditional way. The highest ranking Eorldermen came first, then those less high, then freeholders, then peasants.

Thornden had given Eodwine word to keep an eye out for Wistan of Dunstede, a freeholder. There was also word from Gárwine that there were folk about who seemed not to be of the Eorlingas, or at least not wholly so. This intrigued Eodwine, and he had asked Saeryn to keep an eye out for such folk as well.

Saeryn. She had been quiet for the most part, and Eodwine was aware that he had said much to her about listening and watching and little about sharing of her mind. That, he hoped she understood, would come this evening.
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