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“...97 – 98 – 99 - 100!” Cnebba shouted the last number with all his 8-year old might and turned around. The yard was buzzing with people. He thought he had a glimpse of the big-guy, the one who had bullied him to the ground, just disappearing behind a cart somewhere over his right. He started walking somewhat towards the cart that was about 50 yards away from him, carefully trying to show that he was not looking at that direction and slightly angling his path away from it, not to make to the cart straight away. He had played hide’n’seek before.

He was determined to show these boys he would be as good as they were. I’ll show them, I’ll find them and find them fast! He thought to himself as he suddenly came aware of someone behind him – it was not an adult. He continued as if he hadn’t noticed it but was more than alarmed. Those two, could they have sneaked behind me? He thought as he walked steadily forwards without glancing to his back. The giggle of Lčođern finally made it clear to Cnebba. Those behind him were not the brothers he had met a moment ago. Suddenly he stopped and turned around to see the giggling Lčođern and the more reserved Garmund trailing him – their movement stopping just a bit too late to appear not being tracing him.

For a while Cnebba stood there unsure about what to do. They looked kinder – or at least the girl looked like it. Anyhow they both were much nicer looking kids than the ones he was playing the hide’n’seek with. But still, he had promised to play...

Without a further thought Cnebba took a step towards the girl and addressed her: “Hi, my name is Cnebba.” He said, looking Lčođern intently in the eye. “Who are you?” he asked.

“My name is Lčođern, and this is my brother Garmund”, Lčođern answered somewhat taken a back by the blunt move of the strange boy – as one who had been caught in the middle of something one should not be caught in the middle of. Garmund just stood back, waiting what would ensue. Lčođern raised her gaze to meet Cnebba’s eyes and looked curious "Why are you sneaking around like that?" she asked, smiling in the end of her question.

Cnebba felt a bit confused by the sudden stare and the smile of the girl. “I’m playing hide’n’seek.” He answered but then paused for a while, thinking fervently for a good answer to make these two his friends.

“Would you like to join the game? I could count to hundred again and both of you could go hiding too? There are four guys in the game too. They wouldn’t mind you joining in... You come?” he asked in the end, smiling too with his teeth shining white. But his long and untied golden hair was taken by the gust of the wind and it covered his face – making him cough the last words as his hair got into his mouth. He blushed slightly. "You come?" he asked again, kind of making sure they had understood what he had mumbled with the hair in his mouth.

After he had sweeped his hair back, he felt more confident. Lčođern and Garmund were looking at each other questioningly. Cnebba continued then, not wishing to lose the opportunity: “I would like to play with you more than with the boys there”, he said, pointing to the general direction to where the other boys had hidden themselves among the crowd, “But I can’t eat my promise. My father and mother have told me that a man never breaks his word”.

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