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Lin drew in a slow breath as Degas claimed her hand, suddenly aware of how close he was, and of how his proximity affected her. Her heart was racing, her face flushed...and she was sure he felt the same. She wondered fleetingly if he was going to kiss her, then cast the thought aside.

But he looks as though he least as though he might wish to.

Could it be, perhaps, that she had been so totally wrong? The only time my eyes strayed... Were her feelings for this young man requited? She turned her face up towards his, unconsciously begging for the kiss he was too much the gentleman to give.

But he did not try to rescue you!

And Garstan was hurt trying. Could I have borne it had he been there?

"Anything?" Lin was standing practically in his arms now, oblivious to anything outside of the small circle their bodies made. The excitement of his nearness made her bold. "I have but one boon that I could ask, Degas. I'm going home tomorrow, and I don't know how long I will be gone, but I swear I shall return, as soon as I may." Her emotion and fear shone in her grey eyes. "Wouldst thou wait for me?"
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