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Eodwine smiled, determined to put the two at their ease. It was good to see and hear folk who were so very much themselves; too many kept too much hidden. Eodwine wondered if that was true for himself. It was something to think about later.

"See, Saeryn, that you defend your someday husband as well-" Stigend and Modtryth looked up in surprise "-and I'll see that I treasure my someday wife as well."

Stigend blurted, "You speak too well of us, lord."

"I would rather that you spoke to me as you have done, Stigend. I was born a lowly farmer, thrust amongst my betters by the favor of King Eomer. The Lady Saeryn is highborn, but not I. She is my apprentice and ward until she or I marry.

"But enough! You stare at the food as if you would eat it with your eyes! Methinks you are hungry! Eat your fill, my friends! I am hungry enough too!"

Stigend and Modtryth grinned and took Eodwine at his word. It was not long before Cnebba joined them. The talk lightened, for Stigend and Modtryth had been put at their ease. When they had taken their fill, Saeryn as host and Lady, showed the family to their room, and Eodwine went to the hearth fire to see how Garwine had fared.
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