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The Dwarf had barged into a closed room and spoken foolishness. Saeryn was beside herself. Degas's head bounced back and forth from the Dwarf and his sister, looking dumbfounded in both directions. Eodwine got the attention of the two men with a quick shout. He rose and turned on NŠin in a cold fury.

"Dwarf, you have not yet worn out your welcome, but you come dangerously close. Leave this room at once!"

It was now the Dwarf's turn to stare at Eodwine dumbfounded. Then without a word he hustled from the room and down the hall, passing a thoughtful looking Garstan on the way to his room.

Eodwine shut the door again, and waited for Saeryn's cries to quiet into hiccups. "Now, Degas, if you have anything more to say, say it now. And choose your words most carefully, for I am not in a mood to accept more foolishness. You are a guest. I expect courtesy of my guests in return for the courtesy I offer. Speak, man!"
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