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Pipe “The Great Caravan” Discussion Thread

The Great Caravan Discussion Thread

Historical Background: This story is set on the year of Bilbo Bagginses eleventy-first birthday, when an incredible order of toys and gifts has been purchased from the Shire.

All players should be familiar with The Hobbit and “A Long-Expected Party” from the Fellowship of the Ring.

Basic Storyline:

An gigantic order swept through the ears and toyshops of Dale, a order that is connected all the way back to the Shire; land of the Hobbits. Bilbo Baggins is celebrating his eleventy-first birthday and has decided upon giving his fellow friends presents crafted by the finest toysmiths in both Dale and Erebor. Upon hearing the request from an acclaimed and respected hobbit, a caravan was created by both King Dain Ironfoot and King Bard. This caravan carries trinkets and toys beyond any child’s dreams; baubles of different hues or colors,dolls covered with various gems, and much much more. However the two kings have issued many to protect this caravan, for the road to Shire is a deadly one.
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