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The purpose of this story is to: Deliver Bilbo’s order without disarray or mishap

The time the story ends: When we reach Bag-End, meet up with Bilbo and Gandalf to deliver their order.

Additional story points: During the Caravan’s journey, the Guards will be issued to not ignite or leave flame against the multicolored flasks on the wagon; for these flasks contain the rare fireworks made by Gandalf The Grey. Harming one of these fireworks will get a swift punishment by both Toysmiths and Wizard alike.
Reaching the forests of Mirkwood, the caravan riders will encounter the Wood-Elves and must ask for passage from their lord, Thranduil. The riders will have to enter the forest realm and into the wooden halls for Thranduils grant of passage. However once they are allowed to go, a swarm of black furry spiders begin attacking the group. Take up your arms and assist the Elves in defending the caravan and leaving upon a hidden road in Mirkwood.

Dangers encountered: During the journey; the Caravan will encounter trouble will packs of wild wargs, Mirkwood spiders, and goblin bands. Also there maybe a Beorning that will demand a high toll or face their wrath, it’s best to not try to anger them.

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