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Owners Starting Post for the game:

Fior gritted his teeth as mustered all his strength into one shove, the metallic door upon the great furnace closed and it’s metallic lock clanged in place. The hardened dwarf had finally ended a nights work of toy making and the mending of great weapons; a typical job for workers like Fior. His many apprentices had completed their work and begun to pack up their tools, before leaving the shop into the snowy midnight. ‘Tonight was plentiful,yet i feel like our work was left untouched’ muttered Fior, the craftsman was the only one left in the building. He produced a white rag from within his coat and wiped away the grease on his red beard and face.

‘Maybe tomorrow we’ll get more orders than this one’ said the dwarf as he started to walk towards the shop door, clothing his shirtless chest with a furry mailcoat with a black hood. Reaching his hands into his pockets, Fior produced a silver key and a crumpled order letter, the letter was given to him by a frequent customer who was known to over-order his toys and still leave more inside the shop unwanted. Fior chucked the crumpled old paper into the wastebin and began to close shop until a sharp rap went against the oak door.

‘The Shop is closed at Midnight, comeback in the morning if you want to order!’ Said Fior as he opened, only to find another dwarve in front of him. Dressed in an armored coat and lugging a small satchel on his side; Fior was in the present of one Dale’s many messengers, dwarfs that delivered messages from the highest of purchasers.

‘Please do not close up this instant!, we’ve an order from a very close ally to our Kingdom’ said the messenger, his breath was billowing from the icy wind and his black beard. ‘We have a special order from Bilbo Baggins of the Shire...”, Fior eyes widened from the sentence. Bilbo Baggins was a burglar and hobbit that helped defeat the dragon, Smaug The Golden and released the kingdom of Erebor from ruination. The hobbit is held in permanent regard for this justice and an order from him was as valuable as a Mithril armor set.

‘What’s the order for?’ Asked Fior, the messenger dug into his satchel and produced a red folded paper, his gnarled hands giving it to the toysmith. ‘He orders for a high amount of toys and gifts from all the smiths in the city, this includes you as well’, Fior listened to the wizened dwarf as he read the paper. A look of shock went across Fior’s face, he was never shocked from many things, except that one time his second apprentice accidentally set an order on fire. ‘He wants us to deliver them as well?’ Asked the smith, the messenger nodded in agreement. The letter mentioned that a caravan will be provided by a wizard, a friend of Bilbo that will support us in the delivery.

‘So do you want to take the order?’

Fior thought for a moment as the snowy winds became slow, the thought of riding and delivering to one of Erebor’s most famous burglars was a hefty feat, yet he felt like he could conquer it like any other delivery. His mind decided an stared upon the mailcoated messenger...

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