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PIPPIN: An apple? Indeed, it has what he sounds like – several times over!
2. Royal Artillery in Burma’s capital? Not on. In confusion, see him.
3. Take the third of this firstborn, but refer to his father, and ask only three of the winds.
4. Listen inside the cask for him.
5. He could be a descriptive kenning for a vat.
6. If not strictly his profession, he is famed for being one.
7. An honorific bestowed on him early in the saga.
8. Shagrat decides to do this, in a tower. However, it describes not Shagrat’s prisoner, but one with a much lighter burden.

Some excellent ideas there, but barking up the wrong mellyrn except for Pippin. The lighter burden is not Frodo (although a very good idea). (And it isn't Sam's cooking pans, either).

A pippin *is* an apple (such as a Cox's orange pippin). But it also has many a pip in (it) = pip in (sounds like Pippin) x lots.
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