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Frodo went to Mordor and brought back Aeglos, Belthronding, a Cavetroll, a Dúnadan, Elessar, a Fell Beast, a Giant, Maedhros' severed hand, Ithildin, a jibbet, King Théoden, Lobelia Sackville-Baggins, a midge, Narsil, the One Ring, Pipeweed, Quickbeam, Radagast, the Silmarilli, Túrin, Ulumuri, Vairë, a White Tree, the Yellowskin, a chunk of Zirak-zigil, the Arkenstone, a Black Rider, Celborn, a dragon, Eä, Fëanor, Galadriel, Húrin, Ingwë, Jolly Cotton, the Key of Orthanc, Longbottom Leaf, a Mallorn leaf, Narya, orcs, and a Palantir
The rider was robed all in black, and black was his lofty helm; yet this was no Ringwraith but a living man. The Lieutenant of the Tower of Barad-dûr he was, and his name is remembered in no tale; for he himself had forgotten it...
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