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Right then... *pulls fold-out chair closer to circle*

My name is Quicksilver_Sprite, and I first read Tolkien at the piddling age of six or seven, though my mother had previously read it to all of the children several times. On my ninth birthday, I recieved a paperback copy of LotR, but did not get further than the third page of the first chapter for quite a few years. As I grew older, my reading habits became more voracious, and at the mention of the much-hyped FotR movie, I decided that the time had come to once again pick up LotR. So, slowly and carefully, I made my way through it, digesting it and remembering the magic of Middle-Earth from my younger years.

Currently, I'm trying to write a piece of orginal fiction, fit in Algebra II and World History, and retain the shattered pieces of sanity still in my grasp. (siblings will do that to you)

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