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Yesssss... yes, I thought that it was you, Dm Silverrage... *coughjedimindtrickscough* Yes... so you made it here alive... or more rightly, dead. Snrk. Welcome to the 'Downs, Nolo Erai. (Yes, I know very well who you are, and was looking for your post in the 'Dragon... found you. Your RPing is fine, you'll fit right in...)

And yet another newbe!!! Yay!!! Being a newbe is fun, as I still class myself as one... even with all my posts... So WELCOME, thalionkrisiel!!! I just finished watching RotK too... and I'M SO SAD! *Cries* BAD FRODO! Plus, I think I shall shoot Denethor... nooooo... I shall bean him with my garlic of DOOM! Yay!

Welcome to everyone who's newer than I am!! May the Force be with you all, it ain't easy being dead!

-Eowyn Skywalker
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