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Welcome to the Barrow-downs, Marcus, and Audriedi... enjoy being dead... mwha-ha-ha-ha. I know that I have, anyhow. *giggles*

Okay, enough with the... ummm... formalities... and now I must demand how on Earth you made it to the Barrow-downs without me noticing, master! *glares, and hides garlic pizzas that she WAS using to take over Barrow-downs with...* (And to the uninformed, which should be about everyone, it's a joke between Jandalf/Audriedi and I that I'm her 'Padawan'. Insane one, I might add... with garlic... anyone who was at the Barrow-downs birthday party would've noticed that...)

And Marcus, you will learn here... the Barrow-downs is the most informitive site on the internet when it comes to Tolkien, and that's saying a LOT!!! You'll like it here, or my name isn't' Eowyn Skywalker!!

Mwha-ha-ha... I'm no longer a newbe... giggle.

-Eowyn Skywalker
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