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Originally Posted by Tar-Jęx View Post
Regarding the forums and subforums, what do we have in place of an 'off topic' area, where we can just spout nonsense, which doesn't necessarily involve Tolkien, or forum games?

There doesn't seem to be a designated crazy place where we can ramble about nonsense.
This forum has been dedicated solely to discussion of Tolkien; that is one quality which the Barrow Wight insisted upon. Even the werewolf games have been "Tolkienised" or "Middle-earthed". I think that is one quality which differentiated the Downs from other Tolkien forums (fora? ) which waffled away from Tolkien with other topics.

News and information and chit chat--"Site Announcements"--can go in the Barrow Downs forum.

And wow, after all the time on Facebook I can still remember how to do links here. Must have spent a fair bit of time here back in the day.
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