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There is a rather simple, if slightly artificial way, to get around the issue of the Translator Conceit: Roy Edwards, a character I created long before there was a Tapestry of Dreams rpg, is a 21st century Christian young man. He is currently dreaming Tapestry, in which he is dreaming himself as Imrazor. I shall call it the Dream Conceit. Roy aka Raefindan aka Imrazor is all three men at once, and this - ah - ahem - miracle of dreaming a reality, allows for the - ahem - transliteration of language according to the plan of those Powers that have concerned themselves with the goings on of Amroth, Nimrodel, and all those characters who have attached themselves thereto. As Roy/Raefindan has discovered finally on page 18, there is a Purpose for him to be dreaming what is apparently real, in which he apparently is indeed Roy, Raefindan, and Imrazor all at the same time, incarnated in some form of (dare I say it) trans(p)neumation, if you take my meaning. It is, in essence, a mystery, and language connections are transliterated just as Roy is himself trans(p)neumated. Like it or not, it's at least plausible ... especially to a Roman Rite Follower, don't you know.

EDIT: Okay, not simple.
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