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Originally Posted by Celuien
Forgive a possibly stupid question,, what exactly does that mean? I can't find trans(p)neumated in my dictionary. I thought I had a handle on what was happening with Roy because of the dream explanation, but is there something else that I should be aware of?
I'm taking liberty with a certain Roman Rite doctrine (which may itself be offensive except that), I think the spiritual law actually does apply rather well to the issue at hand. Transubstantiation = the bread and wine remain bread and wine but become in Reality the body and blood of Christ. Just so, transliteration = the words remain what they were for the original speakers, but within Roy's dreaming, they become in Reality one with their Meanings. Trans(p)neumation = it's a dream but it's also Reality. Literally, "across" - "spirit" or "breath".

Which answers Formy's discomfort as well. It really is a dream, and it's also really Real. It's a spiritual principle borrowed from Roman Rite.

So Ĉdgar and Ĉdegard are quite purposeful. Just as Roy is Raefindan is Imrazor is quite purposeful. Truth be told, I intended the former whereas the latter happened to Roy within the story.

As for Ravion, Orual, if he's from Gondor the Latinate may be good; but remember also that it's a Numenorean who is going to speak really Latinate; Gondorians themselves are going to be more like Boromir than Faramir, if you understand me.
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