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After everyone had broken their fast, Ginna gathered the soiled utensils and brought them back to the makeshift kitchen. She proceeded to help Kara wash them but Frodides called her away.

"No, girl, leave the dishes to Kara. She can do that on her own. I need you to get those repaired."

The cook pointed to a box in the corner of the kitchen, containing utensils which had become bent and broken before and during the move to Scarburg. They had sorted those out the previous day, but could not have them fixed immediately, with everyone busy getting the household all settled in.

"Bring them to the smith and stay with him until they're all fixed. Make sure he does the task right away or tell him from me he won't get any meals served to him until he's done."

Ginna had to smile at another one of Frodides's wonted affectionate threats, but exchanged a worried look with Kara. They both knew Frodides was aware of how things were between Ginna and Harreld, whether or not she overheard the ladies' conversation the day before. Kara was the first to speak.

"I'll do it."

"I need your help preparing the meals, especially now that there are more mouths to feed. And you'll just get your back broken with the weight; at least I know Ginna can carry heavy things, even if I still can't trust her with cooking."

Kara shrugged apologetically, which Ginna acknowledged with a slight nod. She took a glance at Frodides's face. The older woman looked serious enough, and Ginna realised she meant business, but she could not help wondering if Frodides had something up her sleeve. It was certainly like her to disguise her means of getting things done, one way or another. There was nothing for it, however, but for Ginna to do as she was told, so without another word she went out to look for Harreld, with the box of utensils in her arms.

She found him setting up his temporary smithy some distance from the baker, and took her time walking to scrutinise him. He went about his own work without minding the fuss around him, mainly created by the party about to set out to hunt, and Ginna could see by the way he moved almost automatically that he really knew his work. She could not help admiring his industry. But when she saw his slightly knitted brows and the tightness around his mouth she suddenly felt apprehensive. Is he thinking about me?


Harreld looked around towards her. Ginna cursed silently; she had hit her foot against a particularly large stone. Without looking up she hurried towards the smith and deposited the box before him.

"Frodides wants those repaired, and told me to wait until you're done."

She saw that it was not necessary to add Frodides's threat as Harreld immediately began taking out the utensils, but her mouth longed to voice out other words: Harreld Smith, could you ever forgive me?

Instead she said aloud, "Harreld, can I help you with anything?"
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