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"My lord, allow me to walk with you to the stables." said Lithor, jogging to catch up with Eodwine.

"My lord there is a question I must ask you. It was very noble of you to offer you steed to Rowenna, but you must know full well that there is only one heat in the race."

Eodwine stopped and looked at Lithor with surprise, it was obvious now that the eorl had not known. Lithor kept on talking despite this.

"My point is, my lord, that you need a steed worthy enough for your position. I will not be riding my horse and I was wondering if you would like to have him? He can match any of the steeds racing here today and with you riding him the two of you will be a formidable match."

"I thank you, Lithor," the eorl said after a moment of thought, "I'll accept your offer."

Lithor was smiling again taking pride in the honor it would mean for the eorl to ride his steed. They just began to walk to the stables when he felt a gentle prodding in his side. Lithor gave short cry and spun around to face Rowenna. Lithor gave her a tired look, half annoyed and half startled, he was getting tired of being poked today.

"Lithor!" Rowenna said, "how many races will there be?"

"We will have one race." Lithor said with a smile, acting courteous as he could.

Nothing prepared him for what was about to happen next. Rowenna offered to give Flithaf back to Eodwine, it was only when Eodwine declined did he get what she was playing. He had not expected Eodwine to accept Rowenna's offer, after all he was a gentleman, he didn't even pay any head to the kiss that Rowenna gave the eorl but he did notice the hurt look on Saeryn's face as she witnessed Rowenna's act unfold.

While Rowenna was busy dragging a reluctant Eodwine to the stables Lithor went ahead to get the eorl's horse ready. It amazed him at the complex game that Rowenna was playing, making a spectacle out of herself and Eodwine at the same time. It the situation didn't bother him, rather it amazed him.

"Lithor my boy," he said to himself as he readied Eodwine's new horse, "aren't you glad you never got married? Of course you are. Women, who can figure them out? I certainly can't."

Saeryn was grooming her horse already when the eorl came up and started grooming his own. Lithor hung around for a little while hoping to offer some assistance when needed, but it soon became clear that the best thing that he could do was leave.
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