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Originally Posted by mark12_30 View Post
Or it could be, that those of us who found in them plenty to enjoy and much to ponder, are so shut down by the quantity of negativity in these discussions, that we know we will be outshouted and exhausted by folk who cannot believe we actually found anything worthwhile whatsoever. Fortunately, I have a son who also enjoys them. So I will pull my hood up to shadow my face, retreat into the shadows, sigh a bit as I wish for the old open-minded and varied discussions that has some vitriol but also some pleasant good-cheer, and settle for watching the videos with my son.
I liken it to panning for gold in a swamp. Spending arduous hours waist-deep in waste in hopes of finding a few grains of gold is simply fruitless. I am glad you find something of worth in these Hobbit movies, good for you; however, I wish they were never made. Truthfully, never made -- that's how dismaying this mess is to me. I cannot say, honestly, that the LotR films can be viewed with the same revulsion, as there is plenty of good, even astounding, moments to make watching them worthwhile.

So, I am sorry if my vitriol precludes you from posting positive points. I will say, however, that if I deemed a movie worthwhile no one on the Internet would stop me from posting my pleasant observations. Or debating the points, for that matter.
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