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As the only major high point in ~10000 square miles, whoever controls the Lonely Mountain is well placed strategically to control a large swathe of the North. I believe that the dwarves used their position there to get hegemony over the Men of the North? Might be mentioned in 'Of Men and Dwarves'? Definitely not flipping Wood Elves though.

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I think there should also be a related trope called "Law of Diminishing Weapon" that states that the more broken the hero's weapon becomes the more deadly a fighter the hero is and cite Thorin as an example. (note, there may be such and I just didn't search for the right name. That's one of the problems I'm getting to have with tvtropes of late. They have reached the "getting too clever for their own good" stage of development).
Tolkien is guilty of this. Didn't Isildur cut Sauron's ring off his finger with the shards of Narsil?
As Beren looked into her eyes within the shadows of her hair,
The trembling starlight of the skies he saw there mirrored shimmering.

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