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Very funny, Eomer. Word for word, just like the Council of Elrond, it would not have worked in this adaptation of the movie. It would have taken too long.

I would pay to watch a mini series version of the book, word for word as much as possible, with the Faramir scenes one of the highlights for me. But this would not work as a Major Film, as it would have to be, like the narrated full version available on CD, at least 54 hours long. Films are not made this way.

The only film that to me was written verbatim from the book was the excellent Shawshank Redemption from the novella Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King. This film version cut some corners yes, but a lot of the dialougue and scenes from the book were in the film. But this was a novella, not a 1000+ page book that LOTR is.......
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