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Originally Posted by SpM
So, although these flaws in Aragorn's character are portrayed differently, and played up, in the film, they are nevertheless there to a degree in book Aragorn.
I think maybe this sums up my problem with the movies (& I also, & co-incidentally , have just finished watching all three EE's through) - Jackson & the writers' tendency to take things from the book which Tolkien mentions in passing, or of which he makes a very subtle use & repeatedly belt the audience over the head them with till we're pleasing with him to 'STOP!, because we get it already!'

Its the way every little thing has to be hammered home, just in case some 13 year old in the audience may have missed it that makes the movies such a wearying experience at times.

Having said that, I have to be honest & say that I don't feel as negative about the movies as I did, now that I've had the chance to see them right through as Jackson intended.

I still wish his target audience had been literate adults rather than illiterate teens.
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