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Originally Posted by SpM
So, although these flaws in Aragorn's character are portrayed differently, and played up, in the film, they are nevertheless there to a degree in book Aragorn.
I totally agree about Aragorn's flaws in the books. And I think they have captured these on film, but what I did not like was his doubt over his destiny. Book Aragorn is sure of himself in his 'destination' even if he is not sure which path will take him there; he knows and accepts his role. Film Aragorn cannot accept this until RotK. The two Aragorns are very different men in that respect. Book Aragorn has the divine right while film Aragorn feels he must prove his right. Both have to show by deeds that they deserve the right.

Originally Posted by SpM
And in any event do people who have not read the book really analyse these things that closely and get bothered by such minor issues?
Oh they do! I used to work with someone who did exactly that. Every tiny point from the films was turned over and inside out, yet no reference was made to the books!
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